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2012 Tax Filing Deadline
Deadline for Filing 2012 Tax Return

April 15, 2013

  • Deadline for filing a 2012 tax return or extension.
  • The return or extension must be postmarked or transmitted for e-filing by Monday, April 15, 2013.
  • To avoid late payment penalties and interest, any additional taxes you owe must be paid by this date even if you filed an extension.
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Who is the case, they like with the mood , so you're thinking about things in the world which also has its own mood. For example, this autumn, it has felt like this ? In people without preparedness in the past, from the people 's expectations , it is not so long accumulation in the vent pent down ? Why it can be under the rain is so gentle ? It is not also looking forward , so will this rain encounter manufacturing , manufacturing a romantic ? Perhaps it tells a miss , one of its own thoughts , and that is a slight tick to tell , tell care , telling each day and night after parting , tell ...... that moment, I can only pretending to turn a deaf ear . We are not its protagonist.

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, such as lights lit up our trip , warm our lives ; more people hurried appears hastily away, like a meteor , there is no eternal , there is an instant glory.

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